The Top 5 Latin Radio Stations in the United States

Are you a Latina in the land of the free who is longing to hear that familiar sound of beat and rhythm unique to your place? Or do you belong to the group of people who had become addicted to Latin music that they cannot help themselves but to gyrate everytime they hear the upbeat tempo? It could also be that you do not have any Latin blood in your veins at all. You are simply enthralled by the sound of Latin music. The thing now is where to find the top Latin radio stations who are playing music that is capable of making your heart beat fast?

Online radio streaming or the Latin internet radio

The age of information technology has brought many changes in the society. With it comes the revolutionary ways of listening to a radio. Gone are the ancient ways of manually determining the frequency of a radio station. Now, with the use of a computer, a tablet or a modern cellular phone, anyone can listen to a radio. But there’s more! If you are going to add an internet connection to that gadget of yours, you can now surf the web for the Latin radio broadcasting online. You can now enjoy early morning walks while listening to your favorite music. As a suggestion, it is a good idea if you will bookmark the page of the radio station that you just found out. This will make your life easier because you do not have to search the web again the next time you wanted to listen to Latin music.

Top Hispanic radio stations

We may be living in the world of science where different inventions and innovations were introduced but this does not necessarily mean that the old machines, that our ancestors have been very fond of, are not worthy of any appreciation today.

There may be new ways on how to listen to music like using your mp3 but nothing beats the manual tuning of radios. Listening to music through a radio gives a different kind of fuel compared to the music that emanates from an iPod. Sometimes, it can greatly affect your emotions especially when there are other push factors around. Because of this, radio stations continue to flourish even if they are not broadcasting online.

The state of Texas and California have records showing that La Ley 100.5, La Poderosa 96.7, Jose FM 94.7, KGBT 98.5, and Z-93 are some of the top rated Latin radio stations using the Arbitron averaging.


Each of the stations will always claim that they are the best, hence, they are the top in their field. Sometimes, there are surveys that serve as proof that this and that station excels the most. However, the percentage of the population that were involved in that survey cannot be said to be enough representative for all the Latin music lovers. Remember, in the United States alone, Latin rhythmic beat fans are all over that it is almost impossible to send a survey form to all of them. In the end, it is you who will be the judge of what is the best Latin radio station same way of judging what is the best Latin song.

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